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Letter to Biden Administration and US Congress

Once again, we are inspired by bravery of the Iranian people especially Iranian women standing against Iran terrorist regime for terrorizing, jailing, and killing the protestors and ordinary Iranian people following the tragic killing of Ms. Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian Kurdish women, by the Iranian regime’s brutal police force. We, the Iranian American Community in US, sending this statement of solidarity with people of Iran and request the US Congress and Biden Administration to take an effective measure against this regime and its brutality.

With the people of Iran bravely protesting for their basic human rights in the face of violent state repression and internet blackouts, the Iranian American Community Group (IAC) in the Greater Los Angeles area is calling on the Biden Administration and US congress to take all necessary diplomatic action against the Iranian regime to reduce the violence against innocent Iranian people for demand their basic human rights.

We understand the difficulties people of Ukraine are facing from brutality of Russian government, we want the United Nation, US Government, and the European Union to give similar attention to Iranian people’s struggle against the same brutal force. It is important that the voice of Iranian people be heard and therefore providing internet coverage to Iran is the most important element that US and EU can do at this time.



Iranian American Community Group (IAC).

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