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About Us

The Iranian-American Community (IAC) Group, Orange County is a non-religious and non-partisan organization dedicated to supporting the U.S. Iranian community through an overarching vision of togetherness and peace. Formed by a collaborative of community leaders, the IAC Group provides civic, cultural, educational, professional, and social services through cooperation and collaboration with established organizations—as well as through programs and events that advocate and promote the best interests of all Iranian residents throughout the country. Our goal is to organize and establish a Community Center to bring Iranians together for seminars, meetings, teen advocacy groups, children's activities, and parenting classes, much more!
We believe each one of us should do our part to make the world a kinder, more inclusive place.

Our Mission

The fundamental principle driving the IAC Group mission is that, by working and partnering together, we can make our community stronger. Through the provision of information, resources, and services, we are committed to strengthening positive connections within the Iranian community and preparing each member for successful contributions to our nationwide society.

Our Vision

Through our years of experience, we have seen the many needs and concerns of the Iranian community go unresolved, despite the presence of numerous non-profit groups and organizations available to assist them. Unfortunately, information about these resources is not always readily available or known to residents. The IAC Group envisions a world where those in need have seamless access to the information, resources, and support that they need. Through our community outreach programs, events, workshops, and seminars, that vision is slowly, but surely, becoming a reality.

Our Promise

To fully advocate for our mission of inclusivity and togetherness, the IAC Group operates in a completely non-partisan, non-religious manner. For this reason, we do not promote, support, or collaborate with any partisan or religious groups.

Support the future of our community